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I think it has possibly ( like many other things ) become a " hot topic " 
because our new president is an American of African decent .
unfortunately , slavery in one form or another was a major factor ,  (and 
politcly correct ) for many hundreds of years in all parts of the world. 
really sad part is , that , as was mentioned earlier , there are still 
places where humans are still for sale or traded like sheep, : (     .
in the current p.c. climate in the u.s. it is common belief that " the white 
man sailed down to africa , and drove free peace loving families on to their 
ships like cattle to be sold in america and elsewhere as slaves " ,
the part that isnt so popular in the history books , is the fact that it 
wasnt just africans that were slaves, and also the fact that other africans 
had hearded the slaves to the dock and sold them to the white man , ( and 
anyone else with money or trade goods ) .
just as many other peoples of the time did, it was much easier and more 
profitable to sell your enemy to someone else than worry he might stage a 
takeover of his own ......

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun

( no if they were really " African Americans " they would be people born in 
Africa , who later became citizens here.
being born here they are Americans of African decent . )

as for the uumm ... Californians , they have to have someplace other than 
New York to hold parades, etc, if they tried to hold them here all those 
peace loving Christians would forget to turn the other cheek part, and go 
straight to the if thyne eye offend thee  , pluck it out , part , and say 
god told them to do it : (
Christians can and quite often are just as fanatical as any Oslama bald 
Hiney , and have from time to time gone forth to
 " destroy the infidels "  themselves.

what's funny , is the fact that there are probably just as many people 
practicing those hobbies in Okla. as there are any where else, they just 
have to go to California to be in a parade ; )

your odd thoughts for the day = )

happy mothers day = )

be safe, be happy, have fun
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> Peter Schorn wrote:
>> (Bear in mind that we are governed by a corporation seated in Marin
>> County, California.  Look that up on Google Earth.  Notice where it is.
>> And ask yourself how charitably people there might view a bunch of
>> Midwesterners playing at slave-games).
> Two things (both intended in humorous vein)
> 1:  We're not Midwesterners.  I don't doubt that Californians can't tell
> the, but *we* should be able to get that one right.  When I lived in
> Kansas, most Kansans insisted that they weren't part of the Midwest
> either, even though most dictionaries and the US Census Bureau say that
> they are.  Oklahoma isn't part of that region mostly because we had to
> remain a territory just long enough to become the topic of a musical with
> songs about surreys, territory folk, Kansas City, and, of course, the
> wind.
> 2: Californians and slave games?  You've got to be kidding!  Have you seen
> the pictures from some of the *public* parades they have out there?
> Leather, whips, chains, bondage, all out there prancing down the public
> thoroughfare in front of huge crowds . . . definitely enough to make an
> Oklahoman blush.
>  Miles Grey
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