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On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 4:57 PM, Angus MacKnochard <glnn_jhn at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I, Sir Angus MacKnokard have traded Slaves with the Same Slave trader
> Mentioned By Damon. he is a crafty and Sly trader. Be very cautions when
> doing business with him. You will get everything as described, but maybe not
> as intended...
>  Angus MacKnochard Bagadur
> Seneschal Northkeep
> snerta er vald
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> Subject: [Northkeep] sheesh WAS: "Put out that bloody cigare..." *
> Probably shouldn't get involved in this discussion, but my two farthings,
> shillings, whatever:
> Belinda and Hugh Niewoehner have never owned slaves...will never own slaves
> and none of their ancestors back until the 1700's (as far as we can
> determine) owned slaves.  Of course, we condemn the institution (even though
> it still occurs in some parts of the world today).
> However, Ismet's family owned many slaves.  Damon's family (and he, himself
> later) owned thralls.  It was the Middle Ages (you know that thing we're
> recreating) and it was PC then.  Damon happens to know a gentleman in Three
> Rivers whose persona is a slave trader.  He's also black and proudly so.
> Many of you have been entertained when Damon and others have sung the song
> he wrote...Zorab's Song.
> Yes, the SCA is a modern organization, but the 'slaves, thralls, whatever'
> that are auctioned are no more really enslaved than the King, Baron, Knight,
> etc.  has any real authority other than what we give them in the game.  If
> you don't like the game, you can always go home.
> As to California
> > (Bear in mind that we are governed by a corporation seated in Marin
> County,
> > California.  Look that up on Google Earth.  Notice where it is.  And ask
> > yourself how charitably people there might view a bunch of Midwesterners
> > playing at slave-games).
> >
> the most fun I had in my teenage years was when I was auctioned as a slave
> at the Roman banquet in Ridgecrest, California.  The event was put on every
> year by the :Latin club and the other language departments.  If you were a
> first year language student you were a slave (couldn't give anyone orders
> and had to obey nobles and gods), second year students were freeman (only
> gods could give you orders, but you couldn't order anyone else around),
> third year were nobility (could order slaves around) and then the fourth
> year were gods (ordered anyone around).  There were limits of course set by
> the faculty.  Worse thing I ever saw was a slave made to push a grape across
> the floor with his nose.  But then there were the fun things like being
> ordered to pour a glass of water on a noble and then being sent by that
> noble back to do the same to the one who'd sent me originally.  Yeah, I
> know, it probably doesn't happen even in Ridgecrest anymore because
>  someone probably abused something at some time.
> Life's too short.  I'm tired of walking on eggshells.  I think the press
> has enough epidemics and political nonsense to keep them busy without
> harassing us.
> By the way, is Mercedes' raffle still on?  I have a few items.
> Ismet
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