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Sorry about previous post. I did not see the Barons request. My apologies Ian.


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Lady GG, 

  Perhaps if you read Lady Dandi's whole response. She never said the MoC was a babysitter. She said perhaps the Barony should pursue a MoC. One who will help the children.

  And from my perspective, there has been lots of calls to your waaambulance before she chimed in.  She offered some ideas, not excuses.

  We raised children in the SCA and they never tore stuff up because one of us was watching her all the time. We had rules. 

Unfortunately, Northkeep for many years has been children UNFRIENDLY. These children are the future so instead of making excuses be open minded about ways to fix a problem not sweep it under table.


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Okay...my $0.02 about the recent turn of conversation...

Sara: Welcome to the SCA. We have rules. If you don't like them...call the
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHMBULANCE and find another organization. If your child is not
under control, bring someone to control them for you, or control them
yourself. Johann and I make sure we don't get matched up in tournament for a
reason, and that is so one of us can keep control of our toddler. If we ARE
matched on the field, we always make sure we have a backup for Nikki who
OFFERS to watch her, otherwise, one of us yields the field to the other. We
would NEVER just assume someone would automatically watch our kid(s). We
understand that there are people in the SCA who don't like kids and those
who leave their children with sitters at home so that they can go to an
event for some "grown-up time". So what if the village isn't there to raise
your kid?

Oh and if Lucan doesn't like the way the field rules are, find a different
organization. If y'all want to learn to fight actual period combat, Johann
and I run the Tulsa School of Defense. We meet Fridays 6pm at the Spirit
Room, University of Tulsa, Mabee Gym. We teach grappling, dagger fighting,
and use them in our fighting techniques OUTSIDE THE SCA.

Lady Dandi: It's not the MOC's job to babysit children at fighter practice.
Sure, it's nice when an individual volunteers their time for this, but it's
not mandatory. We haven't been able to keep a MOC for a full term because of
various reasons; one of those reasons being that an MOC is NOT a babysitter
to dump off children under the age of 5.  The MOC is there to provide
educational organized adult observation to children and lead them in
activities with the parents permission. We have had quite a problem at
Castellan with parents assuming that they can take their young child to the
MOC and expect that MOC to babysit while they go off and fight a tournament.
Well, if any rapier fighter knows full well, the Children's Activities and
the Rapier Tournament do NOT coinside with each other. Parents are
encouraged to join in children's activities with their child and expected to
pick them up at a certain time.

Bringing unauthorized boffer equipment is not legal at fighter practice. The
barony has tried to get a youth boffer practice started up and get children
(of proper age) authorized in this, but there has been problem with parents
expecting the boffer marshal to make all equipment themselves and get their
child authorized, as well as (same problem with MOC) parents dumping their
child with the boffer marshal while they go participate in adult fighter
practice. Which is a problem, since one rule of boffer practice is parental

Us adults are not required to watch your kids. I will keep track of my own
children as a responsible parent, and I will occasionally watch after
certain children of choice friends. But they understand that if I am not
well enough to watch their child, I will not watch their child. And they
know that they are not obligated to watch mine.

As far as finding a different venue...why should the Barony cater to the few
who are butthurt over this issue? Let them pay for evening care at Playtime
Plus, Tot Spot, or hire their own babysitter at home. Yes, the children are
the future, but it is not the past nor present's responsibility because you
don't feel like keeping a tighter hold on your spawn.

Proud Parent,

Lady GG/Jeni

PS: Wonder why Johann and I haven't been at SCA fighter practice lately?
Nikki is two, and we have enough respect for our friends and for the VFW
hall to subject y'all to her being very tired after a long day. It's better
for our sanity and yours.

On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 7:28 PM, Lady Dandi <ladydandi1967 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey gang. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
>  I usually do my reading silent, since we are just getting back in the
> swing of things, but seems this is a real important subject.  I thought at
> one time Northkeep had a MOC? Has this changed? If so maybe Northkeep is
> growing in smalls and maybe we need to reinstate one if  it hasn't been in
> play in awhile.  If this isn't poss... then maybe the parents of the smalls
> can off set this by taken turns in hosting children's activity/fighter night
> along with Adult fighter practices too. a DVD and a  Medieval movie goes
> along ways.... and usually keeps most sitting and not running for a little
> bit anyways... also Card board Shields and weapons or Boffer, for them to
> pant and tape all so was another thing i found  that kept a wide range of
> ages of smalls interested for some time.  Just  a few idea maybe they will
> help.  My smalls are no longer smalls, but raised in SCA  so I understand
> both sides here in this matter.  Good luck
>  everyone...
> "Be concentrated and leonine in the hunt for what is your true
> nourishment...."
> Lady Verdandi Gormsdottir
> House WolfStar
> Kingdom of Ansteorra
> Barony of Northkeep
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> OK.  So it has been brought to my attention that we never had an MOC at
> fighter practice.  I must have been remembering back when we were at the
> park and I mistakenly thought that we did have an MOC present.  Sorry for
> the confusion.
> Ellette
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> The park is nice, but there are some creepy people who frequent it at
> night..
> I would only send them over there with close adult supervision.
> Franziska
> On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 2:44 PM, Miles Grey <Kahn at west-point.org> wrote:
> > jennifer stoops wrote:
> > > Perhaps a good solution to this problem would be to have children's
> > > activities as a part of the activities at fighter practice again.  When
> > we
> > > practiced at McClure they had a park atmosphere to run around in that
> was
> > > safe, since we've moved to the VFW hall it would be nice if we could
> all
> > > come up with activities that would better occupy their time.
> >
> > There *is* a park right across the street from the VFW, if my memory is
> > correct.  Nice looking place.  Distinctive park atmosphere, and plenty of
> > room for running around.
> >
> >  Miles Grey
> >
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