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Mostly well said Jeni. ;) (Hugs to you guys. BTW) As a single Dad who still 
wanted to play SCA I used to pay various teen or preteen girls to keep Alex 
busy while the fighting was going on and then would have him present them 
w/a token to thank them for spending time w/him at the end. It worked out 
well at the time.

Riddari Balvin

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> Okay...my $0.02 about the recent turn of conversation...
> Sara: Welcome to the SCA. We have rules. If you don't like them...call the
> WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHMBULANCE and find another organization. If your child is 
> not
> under control, bring someone to control them for you, or control them
> yourself. Johann and I make sure we don't get matched up in tournament for 
> a
> reason, and that is so one of us can keep control of our toddler. If we 
> matched on the field, we always make sure we have a backup for Nikki who
> OFFERS to watch her, otherwise, one of us yields the field to the other. 
> We
> would NEVER just assume someone would automatically watch our kid(s). We
> understand that there are people in the SCA who don't like kids and those
> who leave their children with sitters at home so that they can go to an
> event for some "grown-up time". So what if the village isn't there to 
> raise
> your kid?
> Oh and if Lucan doesn't like the way the field rules are, find a different
> organization. If y'all want to learn to fight actual period combat, Johann
> and I run the Tulsa School of Defense. We meet Fridays 6pm at the Spirit
> Room, University of Tulsa, Mabee Gym. We teach grappling, dagger fighting,
> and use them in our fighting techniques OUTSIDE THE SCA.
> Lady Dandi: It's not the MOC's job to babysit children at fighter 
> practice.
> Sure, it's nice when an individual volunteers their time for this, but 
> it's
> not mandatory. We haven't been able to keep a MOC for a full term because 
> of
> various reasons; one of those reasons being that an MOC is NOT a 
> babysitter
> to dump off children under the age of 5.  The MOC is there to provide
> educational organized adult observation to children and lead them in
> activities with the parents permission. We have had quite a problem at
> Castellan with parents assuming that they can take their young child to 
> the
> MOC and expect that MOC to babysit while they go off and fight a 
> tournament.
> Well, if any rapier fighter knows full well, the Children's Activities and
> the Rapier Tournament do NOT coinside with each other. Parents are
> encouraged to join in children's activities with their child and expected 
> to
> pick them up at a certain time.
> Bringing unauthorized boffer equipment is not legal at fighter practice. 
> The
> barony has tried to get a youth boffer practice started up and get 
> children
> (of proper age) authorized in this, but there has been problem with 
> parents
> expecting the boffer marshal to make all equipment themselves and get 
> their
> child authorized, as well as (same problem with MOC) parents dumping their
> child with the boffer marshal while they go participate in adult fighter
> practice. Which is a problem, since one rule of boffer practice is 
> parental
> supervision.
> Us adults are not required to watch your kids. I will keep track of my own
> children as a responsible parent, and I will occasionally watch after
> certain children of choice friends. But they understand that if I am not
> well enough to watch their child, I will not watch their child. And they
> know that they are not obligated to watch mine.
> As far as finding a different venue...why should the Barony cater to the 
> few
> who are butthurt over this issue? Let them pay for evening care at 
> Playtime
> Plus, Tot Spot, or hire their own babysitter at home. Yes, the children 
> are
> the future, but it is not the past nor present's responsibility because 
> you
> don't feel like keeping a tighter hold on your spawn.
> Proud Parent,
> Lady GG/Jeni
> PS: Wonder why Johann and I haven't been at SCA fighter practice lately?
> Nikki is two, and we have enough respect for our friends and for the VFW
> hall to subject y'all to her being very tired after a long day. It's 
> better
> for our sanity and yours.
> On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 7:28 PM, Lady Dandi <ladydandi1967 at yahoo.com> 
> wrote:
>> Hey gang. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
>>  I usually do my reading silent, since we are just getting back in the
>> swing of things, but seems this is a real important subject.  I thought 
>> at
>> one time Northkeep had a MOC? Has this changed? If so maybe Northkeep is
>> growing in smalls and maybe we need to reinstate one if  it hasn't been 
>> in
>> play in awhile.  If this isn't poss... then maybe the parents of the 
>> smalls
>> can off set this by taken turns in hosting children's activity/fighter 
>> night
>> along with Adult fighter practices too. a DVD and a  Medieval movie goes
>> along ways.... and usually keeps most sitting and not running for a 
>> little
>> bit anyways... also Card board Shields and weapons or Boffer, for them to
>> pant and tape all so was another thing i found  that kept a wide range of
>> ages of smalls interested for some time.  Just  a few idea maybe they 
>> will
>> help.  My smalls are no longer smalls, but raised in SCA  so I understand
>> both sides here in this matter.  Good luck
>>  everyone...
>> "Be concentrated and leonine in the hunt for what is your true
>> nourishment...."
>> Lady Verdandi Gormsdottir
>> House WolfStar
>> Kingdom of Ansteorra
>> Barony of Northkeep
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>> OK.  So it has been brought to my attention that we never had an MOC at
>> fighter practice.  I must have been remembering back when we were at the
>> park and I mistakenly thought that we did have an MOC present.  Sorry for
>> the confusion.
>> Ellette
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>> The park is nice, but there are some creepy people who frequent it at
>> night..
>> I would only send them over there with close adult supervision.
>> Franziska
>> On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 2:44 PM, Miles Grey <Kahn at west-point.org> wrote:
>> > jennifer stoops wrote:
>> > > Perhaps a good solution to this problem would be to have children's
>> > > activities as a part of the activities at fighter practice again. 
>> > > When
>> > we
>> > > practiced at McClure they had a park atmosphere to run around in that
>> was
>> > > safe, since we've moved to the VFW hall it would be nice if we could
>> all
>> > > come up with activities that would better occupy their time.
>> >
>> > There *is* a park right across the street from the VFW, if my memory is
>> > correct.  Nice looking place.  Distinctive park atmosphere, and plenty 
>> > of
>> > room for running around.
>> >
>> >  Miles Grey
>> >
>> >
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