[Northkeep] OOP, OT: Critter Moving Party

Amanda Wallace dragontamerbrat at gmail.com
Tue May 26 14:25:31 PDT 2009

As most of you know, Thormund and I have a farm near the Castellan site. On
said farm, we have a semi-permanent goat pen,(80x80) and a temporary cattle
pen (about 300x300). Unfortunately, Thormund's accident has co-incided with
the semi-annual goat pen move. He can't do it, but the goats still need to
be moved. This involves un-hooking 320 feet of field fence from
approximately 40 posts, pulling them out of the ground and re-pounding them
in the new area, attatching the fence and the gate, tossing some food and
standing out of the way as they all come looking for the food. Moving the
cows is pulling the 8 t-posts, and numerous stepins, and moving them to the
next pasture, following the string, putting them in at intevals, and
re-stringing the wire.

What I need is 4 - 8 people, some post pounders (sledge hammers work), and a
second post remover. (I have 1 post pounder, and have access to one post
puller). The ground is soft enough at the moment that pounding posts will be
fairly easy, but spreading the work out amongst many hands will shorten the
task, and we can have fun to boot. If I can get someone to bring out a
grill, I will provide the meat, condiments, lettuce, tomatoes, and buns for
burgers, and the charcoal (unless it's propane, then I can't do much), we'd
like to repay everyone by having a cook-out. Bring your choice of after-work
beverage, and a camp chair, and we'll commence with the fun part of the

I really need these guys moved around for their health and the longterm
health of the pasture. I can't do it, and the one-handed wonder can't do it
this year. Please email me at dragontamerbrat at gmail.com if you can help out.

I would like to get this done this coming Sunday, May 31st. If we start at
10:30ish, we'll have it all done and enjoying drinks before the sun starts

Thanks for all your help,
Amanda Blackwolf

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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