[Northkeep] OOP, OT: Critter Moving Party

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Sun May 31 07:52:59 PDT 2009


It as my plan to come out to help today but I had forgotten that Zahava had
scheduled a Castellan work day for today, and Chase ended up having to work
from 8am until 5:30.  Please let me know if you ended up rescheduling your
critter move.


On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 4:25 PM, Amanda Wallace
<dragontamerbrat at gmail.com>wrote:

> As most of you know, Thormund and I have a farm near the Castellan site. On
> said farm, we have a semi-permanent goat pen,(80x80) and a temporary cattle
> pen (about 300x300). Unfortunately, Thormund's accident has co-incided with
> the semi-annual goat pen move. He can't do it, but the goats still need to
> be moved. This involves un-hooking 320 feet of field fence from
> approximately 40 posts, pulling them out of the ground and re-pounding them
> in the new area, attatching the fence and the gate, tossing some food and
> standing out of the way as they all come looking for the food. Moving the
> cows is pulling the 8 t-posts, and numerous stepins, and moving them to the
> next pasture, following the string, putting them in at intevals, and
> re-stringing the wire.
> What I need is 4 - 8 people, some post pounders (sledge hammers work), and
> a
> second post remover. (I have 1 post pounder, and have access to one post
> puller). The ground is soft enough at the moment that pounding posts will
> be
> fairly easy, but spreading the work out amongst many hands will shorten the
> task, and we can have fun to boot. If I can get someone to bring out a
> grill, I will provide the meat, condiments, lettuce, tomatoes, and buns for
> burgers, and the charcoal (unless it's propane, then I can't do much), we'd
> like to repay everyone by having a cook-out. Bring your choice of
> after-work
> beverage, and a camp chair, and we'll commence with the fun part of the
> party.
> I really need these guys moved around for their health and the longterm
> health of the pasture. I can't do it, and the one-handed wonder can't do it
> this year. Please email me at dragontamerbrat at gmail.com if you can help
> out.
> I would like to get this done this coming Sunday, May 31st. If we start at
> 10:30ish, we'll have it all done and enjoying drinks before the sun starts
> setting.
> Thanks for all your help,
> Amanda Blackwolf
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