[Northkeep] Sigh...

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 26 22:07:24 PDT 2009

Sigh...every day I come home from work and I get greeted with a whole new 
list of people snipping and hating on each other. Is this REALLY How you all 
want to treat each other? Is this how you want to be treated yourself?

I am not going to ignore the current issues but it is time to do something 
else, and so taking some of my own advice I am setting my level straight and 
NOT sending out a list to the Baronial Goon squad for attitude adjustments. 
I am going to simply tell you all that if you just take a deep breath 
everything is going to be okay and that these issues are not so dire. Not 
everyone need be involved nor is all the extra commentary and personal 
opinion, however intended helping. The fires are dying down and life can 
return to normal if we will simply let it do so. We can and will have fun 
together very soon. I was told by some very wise folks that you make your 
own fun and if things become unfun then you have allowed some one to do that 
to you. I am tired of the unfun and so I am making my own fun.

Focus on something more positive we have an event coming up. CASTELLAN. I am 
going to be there working my butt off just like I always have for the last 
20 plus years in Northkeep...why because this Barony and its people are 
worth the effort. I love the people here and as bad as things can get they 
are never as bad as they could get. We always pull through and we are always 
better for it. Northkeep comes together putting aside its differences to 
host some awesome events.  I do hope to see most of you at the upcoming 
event shedding blood, sweat, and tears along side me and her Excellency.

So what are you doing for Castellan?


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