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Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 17 07:17:09 PST 2009

Among a group of friends we sort of have this post event thing we do, it is a worst and best for the event. Each person in turn tells the rest of us what was their least favorite first and most favorite thing last about the event. So that we can end on a good note. For me it is a way of cementing the memories of the event in place and for putting what really matters into perspective. The credit for this awesome bit of fun belongs to Dona Therese...but I felt like sharing it with you all.

My Worst for Queen's Champion was everything leading up to Queen's, and if you did not hear me railing on how bad my week was then lets just say you are one of the lucky ones.

My Bests...because there are a few, 1. Seeing everyone who was there working together so diligently and happily even in the chill, 2. After the event hearing from the Queen Herself how much she loved it, 3. Being present and a part of the marriage proposal of Lord Geoffrey and Honorable Lady Adalia, and 4. Setting Saturday night next to the fireplace at the Thrones sharing a good drink in the company of good friends and taking part in the the singing, poetry, and story telling. During that time Owen told a true story about an episode at Gulf War from many years ago. The tale was one that I know well because I was there...

It started with THERE WE WERE under Ansteorra's Big Royal Pavilion...the company included Owen, Jean Paul,  Ian (me), and the lovely Rhiannon Red Wolf, at times others joined us and faded away but we four were there and the primaries in this tale. It was raining and we had for some time been huddled close about a copy of the Redwolf Song book belting out all our favorite SCA songs...I do not remember particularly which song it was we were signing at the time but Owen does. With our enthusiasm raising our voices and they in turn lifting the tent and for some the mood with volume if nothing else, we were approached by none other than one of the great legends of Ansteorra. The Queen Mother of Ansteorra herself Duchess Willow stopped before us. She kindly smiled and raised a hand to halt our serenades and said..."Please excuse me...could you please leave." our jaws dropped, as she continued, "We are attempting to have a bardic circle and you all are singing
 to stridently. We can not hear ourselves over you". We all looked at each other and with no few grumbles we turned and left. That moment in time for me is so epic.  Among those four young adults who were driven from the Royal Pavilion by the first Queen of this Mighty Kingdom for the ardent volume of our song, of those, today I am now a Baron of the Court of Ansteorra and former Baron of Northkeep, Rhiannon is a Mistress of the Laurel for nothing less than her skill in Bardic, Jean Paul is a well known knight of the realm, and Owen..he is the King. 

Not very often these days there are rare times at events a sing-a-long bardic will break out and when it does if I am there I scan the faces and wonder what potential is lurking there among the young faces so enthusiastically belting out those lyrics and reveling in the magic of that time wondering what the future will hold for them. Thank you to everyone who was there Saturday night around the firepace at the Thrones and taking part in that sing-a-long.

After 28 years in the SCA finding that magical moment at times seems a rather daunting task especially when you are so busy being an officer or running an event, but at Queen's Champion I felt that special sense of wonder again and because of that I just wanted to share that moment with you all.


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