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Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 11:18:02 PST 2009

Years ago there was a tradition in Northkeep to hold an event postmortem meeting after every event the Barony/Shire held. This was to go over both the good and the bad things that happened at the event so that we can commend the good and learn from the mistakes. I wish that I had suggested we hold one after Castellan this last summer when I was autocrating. With all due respect to HE Ian and their Excellencies of Northkeep, would it be possible to hold a postmortem for Queens before or after officer's meeting this month? I hope that I am not treading on anyone's feet by suggesting this.

In Service,
Zahava batHannah

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<SNIP>Among a group of friends we sort of have this post event thing we do, it is a worst and best for the event. Each person in turn tells the rest of us what was their least favorite first and most favorite thing last about the event. So that we can end on a good note. For me it is a way of cementing the memories of the event in place and for putting what really matters into perspective. >

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