[Northkeep] Queens

Angus MacKnochard glnn_jhn at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 11:20:05 PST 2009

Your Grace, 
Please allow me to come to my former Barons Aid.
His post was in no way an attack on you. Back in the time of the Bardic circle, he and all the other offenders were in the wrong. They know that now, but in that time they were young and full of spirit. Now older, wiser and fuller of grace they hold no ill feelings toward anyone who shoo-ed them away. they were a bunch of roudy kids, and looking back I am sure they know that.

IAN is a fair man. His post was a rememberance of a fun time, not of you attacking them.

I ask that you please take some time in your new home and get to know the fine people here, especially Ian. I am sure you will find not a singel mean or spiteful bone in his body.

I am sure that all that know him read his post with the love for the game and the true feeling it was ment to inspire.

 Angus MacKnochard Bagadur

snerta er vald 

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Dear Ian
I am so sorry about destroying your sing a long.so long ago. but have you ever bothered to find out my point of view. 
I had been ordered by the King and Queen to make a Bardic circle for our people and to invite the bards of the know world to come to it. I had asked all of the people in the crown pavilion to take part Bards from other groups had honored us by coming and they were trying to perform. You choose not to take part but sit up next to it and rudely sing through their performance. 
As Baron would you let invited guests in your barony be treated that way,  The Bardic circle I was trying to maintain was on the schedule and I can assure you if it had been a private one not one sponsored by the kingdom I wouldn't of asked you to move. Yours and other Ansteorras that night made me give up organizing Bardic anythings. 
I am highly hurt to have you complain about me on a public list without asking why I did it. You are famous for your fairness. Was that fair to me? We need to talk face to face about this. 

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