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Grand and most good Duchess 
It is with some saddness that I must attest that I think you mistake my intent.  That memory is a fond one for me and I was not complaining at all. I was reveling in a tale of humor with a wry twist. In those years long past and full of our youth and enthusiasm we were the ones who were blind to the situation. We had no clue there was any sort of official circle going on we had for hours simply been out of the rain in a spot we had claimed for our own, boldly singing away oblivious to the rest of the world. What was and is humorous, at least to me even all these years later, was that we who were singing were not asked to join the circle but instead were asked to leave it. Please tell me that you can see the humor in that and the irony, that those who had so blundered into their own fun and were so dismissed ended up being a generation of leaders and heroes many years later. 


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Dear Ian
I am so sorry about destroying your sing a long.so long ago. but have you ever bothered to find out my point of view. 
I had been ordered by the King and Queen to make a Bardic circle for our people and to invite the bards of the know world to come to it. I had asked all of the people in the crown pavilion to take part Bards from other groups had honored us by coming and they were trying to perform. You choose not to take part but sit up next to it and rudely sing through their performance. 
As Baron would you let invited guests in your barony be treated that way,  The Bardic circle I was trying to maintain was on the schedule and I can assure you if it had been a private one not one sponsored by the kingdom I wouldn't of asked you to move. Yours and other Ansteorras that night made me give up organizing Bardic anythings. 
I am highly hurt to have you complain about me on a public list without asking why I did it. You are famous for your fairness. Was that fair to me? We need to talk face to face about this. 

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