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Tue Nov 17 12:13:26 PST 2009

I am sorry I meant to send my comments to Ld Ian privately. 
In the old days I did organize a lot of things which for the most part came off well. but one of the problems is to make sure there was enough space between groups so everyone could do our thing. SCA ers are famous for getting excited and having tunnel vision. For 25 years we were able to have belly dancing and one or two bardics and sing a longs and courtly dancing on the same site. Some of them smaller than what we are using right now. 
This meant leadership had to move things sometimes and whoever did it was the bad  guy. I was the bad guy a lot. I made people turn off the rock and roll and made them park their cars in the parking lot. I made sure that  the magic of the SCA had a place to flourish. I have been retired from that for over 15 years. My health won't take it. 
Yes I have suggested here and other places that we should return to working on atmosphere. I would like us to go back to trying to recreate Pre 17th century events rather than walking around in pretty clothes. 
My first reason is personal 
I like to be creative and working on things like that give me lots of opportunities to work with other people. It is fun to me.
The other  reasons are related to the group
2. When a group is working on something together they appreciated each other more and have better relationships
3 It gives new people something to do and the magic is what makes most Renaissance fairs popular. It is a great recruiting device. 
4. It gives longer tenure people things to do. 
5 Working on new things that challenge up seems to keep the groups open and negates the chic power control thing. People are more equal in a group that is always working on new ideas. 
I have been attacked over and over again in the past for being to pushy and in my heyday this is true and I bet it is true now but with my heart needing triple bypass surgery in the next few months I doubt I will be much of an issue for a while
I know I suggested some ideas that are not every ones cup of tea. And I interjected some ideas that are not what some people want for the future of North Star. but there are people who live in this area that would like to see more magic and if this group wants to be its own kingdom it needs to learn to work things out so we can all play. 
I suggest that after His Majesty is off the throne and I am healed after my surgery we have a public debate and see if we can  make a compromise. 
Every one of us is important to a SCA. You may think that someone  isn't necessary but I have learned that if you push that person out that person may be very important to people you love.  
Ian,  you and His Majesty Owen, Mistress Rhiannon  and Sir Sean Paul are some of the most important people in the North Star area. I am nothing compared to you and I don't mean to make you or the people  unhappy. My title gives the impression of leadership but it is an illusion but people get unhappy when peer appears to not get along. I am willing to change if you come and talk to me.
The values of Ansteorra came out of the Highlands and the one thing we wanted was a group were people argued ideas and didn't attack people. 
I am sorry that I spoiled your time that many years ago but I bet you had to move someone or stop something or say no to something because something  had else had been scheduled during that  time..  The people here have called you a true master of interaction and communication. I am somewhat clumsy.  I hope you all will forgive me now you understand. If I organize something I will ask for your help if a problem comes up.  I hope I can learn something from you. 
willow de wisp
Dear Ian I do not have their Majesties or Sir Sean or Mistress Rhiannon's contact info could you please forward this for me.
thank you W
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