[Northkeep] Queens

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 17 12:54:20 PST 2009

Great Duchess,
Still from your words I get a sense that you think that I do not look fondly on that time...when the first queen of Ansteorra shooed us from the pavillion...or upon you...but I do look fondly on it and I hold no ill will toward you for it. In the years since those days I have had to play the part that you yourself took that night. I have driven the loud and youthful from the hall and tempered their enthusiasm with concerns for the schedule and the populace...I know what you went through in those days and I know who you are today. I am no better a man and no worse a man than any other, I simply am. There is no power or strength in me above that which any person in these lands holds and if there were any such strength or power it would only be in company the heroes like His Majesty Owen a legend with in his own time, The Mighty Sir Angus whom I have seen smite a dozen foes with a single swipe of his pole-arm, or of gentle bards like Kevin whose poetry and
 stories inspire and liven the heart and mind, or in the hands of Master Beorhtlic where silver is transformed from metal into art, and perhaps in the retelling and in the living of moments of true magic. In those days and times when we are caught up in that moment where honor, and glory, and chivalry are made real...there and only there is there a place where men and ladies can become more than they are...but for me I will remain simply Ian and if in being such I can share in that magic and wonder then in the eyes of this day dreaming Missouri Farm boy the word is a better place. The tale of our encounter with you so long ago is a part of that magic for me and as such I am so very sorry that its retelling has wounded you sore, if you would be so kind as to allow it then I will continue to keep that special memory close to my heart and will be much more careful in sharing it again. 

Forgive me if I can not see where my fond remembrances lead to talks of giving people other things to do, or of power, or of sedition. I have nothing but respect for you and all you have contributed to this kingdom. If in my words anywhere I have given any other impressions please forgive me and dually forget them if you can for any such inflections were surely not my intent. In addition if there is anyone whom I have pushed away with my words or deeds then please come to me and let me know such so that I may do all that is within me to undo such a grievous wrong. My wish would be only to add to this society we all share in and if though my actions I have made you feel that you are being pushed away I have failed in that, I thought my efforts before the telling of this one memory had surely all been in such a good light as to be warm and welcoming to Your Grace. If they were not again I do apologize,

I am very sorry that you are ill I had hoped the strong air of our Northern climate might aid in your good health, that you might find strength and succor here. Perhaps if our surgeons are skilled enough then in the times ahead you will with renewed stregth once more be able to give this kingdom more of your wisdom and grace. Until then I wish you only the best and will when I have found myself rested and recovered be very glad to sit and talk with you for a time if that is still your wish.


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