[Northkeep] Ah, Grimfells love...

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Or at least an amusing event ad.

>Subject: Grimfells Economic Stimulus Plan

November 7th is just a few weeks away.  Have you made plans to join us
for the Grimfells Renaissance?

        The Shire-March of the Grimfells Economic Stimulus Plan.

Grimfells needs your help. As part of the Grimfells Jobs for Peers
Program we are hosting a Fall Event. The Grimfells Renaissance, (the
has nothing to do with the event it was the product of a shire meeting
that had already gone on too long. We were working through the possible
names alphabetically and this one came between the all archery event,
Grimfells Quiver, and the all melee event The Grimfells Spanking.)
Anyway, we need your Help to find these needy peers a productive use for
their skills. Help them return to becoming a productive part of Society
once again.

Mistress Fionna is seeking embroiders who will enter her contests either
for an on site project, (all materials provided) or something done on a
theme that somehow involves spiders or spider type things.

Mistress Susannah is searching for those individuals who will enter her
contest for something with a tent connection. A tent, embroidery of a
tent, a tent shaped cake, a tent shaped birthmark, be creative.

Master Pavel is looking for work as a Marshal and needs people to enter
his Bardiche & Sword Tournament. Weapons will be provided if you don't
have a bardiche.

Syr Andrew is asking people who would like to fight in a Reverse
Tournament. That's how desperate we are. We are taking a standard
Tournament and running it backward.

Mistress Christiaen is asking for potters to enter tools they have made
as part of their work. She especially wants to encourage young people to
show the creative things they have used in their work. That whole child
labor thing has never really caught on in Arkansas, heck most of us are
little vague on when our birthdays actually are. One birth certificate
per family is plenty.

Master Andrixos is offering a chance for word smiths to show off their
creativity with sonnets written along a theme of the history, customs,
people, or uniqueness of Grimfells. Think of the great history works men
like Roosevelt did with the WPA program. Feel free to make stuff up, it
probably will be more believable than the truth.

Syr Marcus is sponsoring a tournament fit for a street corner, or a line
at the government office. Fighting on a hide until someone is dead or
steps off the hide. Just like being in line at the unemployment office.
"Sure I'll hold your place while you go to the bathroom."

Sure these people might be over-qualified, they might be over the hill,
they have no doubt have padded their resumes, but they still deserve
another chance to do something productive.

Help me get these people off the street! I'm tired of driving over them
or having my windshield washed.

Valens of Flatrock

p.s. I will host a Greatsword Tournament with the most hideous
you have ever seen outside of a D&D convention as the prize.

For more information check our web site.

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