[Northkeep] FW: Call for teachers: 2010 Metal and Glassworkers' Symposium

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Thu Oct 1 06:02:05 PDT 2009

A ways away in both time and space (~6 hours to STL) but those with a
bent to things metal or glass might want to put this event on their  "to
be considered" schedule.


*ahem*  Is this thing on?

Recruitment has begun for teachers for the 2010 Metal and Glassworkers'

That's right, folks, the Symposium rides again!  On Labor Day of 2010,
the Barony of Three Rivers will once again sponsor the Calontir Metal
and Glassworkers' Symposium.  Block out your calendar early: the event
will run from 3 September to 6 September 2010, Friday to Monday.  3
solid days of all the metal and glass you can stand!

This is also your advance warning so that you can prep to teach.  Even
if you aren't yet a glassworker or metalworker, you've got almost a year
to become one!  If you want ideas, keep reading.

In 2010 the Symposium will be oriented around one key reference in the
metal and glass world, Theophilus' "On Divers Arts."  This treatise, 
written in Latin around the 12th c. (1122), covers the state of the art
in medieval metal, glass, and pigment work.  Dover publishes an edition
which is pretty cheap.


Theophilus contains a lot of projects, ranging from simple standalone
techniques (e.g., wire drawing) to large, complex multi-chapter projects
(like building an organ).  I'd like to see how many of the chapters in
Books II and III (glass and metal) we can cover!

The Symposium also won't be limited to strictly Theophilus.  If you have
something you'd like to teach, let me know and we'll get you on the
list. If you want ideas for beginning metalworking projects, give me a
yodel and we'll see what we can concoct.

Last year was an amazing event.  Let's make next year even better!

-Francis Bean
Michael L Wilson <mlw2 at WUSTL.EDU>

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