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Well we can certainly still do the soup kitchen - really all we need for
that are some of the 18 qt roaster ovens and I know that several people have
them - so a willingness to loan them would help.  :)   As long as we have a
means to heat the soup, no kitchen required.  And a bake sale would keep us
in snacks and serve as a fundraiser as well.  But I'm interested in the new
facility at Chandler - Are we sure it will actually be ready for business by
then end of Jan?  And what was the price schedule again?

For the church in Bartlesville, I believe the weekend they are looking at is
January 30, with an option to get in on the Friday night beforehand to
set-up, although it's doable without that........

Trust me, I'm not anti-feast.  I just hate to see us lose this event without
considering what is such an easy option.......


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> Greetings All
> I believe her excellency has a point.  Since it seems that most sites
> were deemed unacceptable because of kitchen requirements, it would
> seem that that you need to rethink.  Winterkingdom is primarily about
> classes and learning.  Northkeep has many, many people who have made
> delicious goodies for potlucks and bake sales for years.
> Would it be so bad to have a sideboard of snacks and such through the
> day and have the wonderful soups and stuff at lunch?  Instead of a
> feast steward, a co-ordinator of food, with people signed up to help
> with the laying out dishes and cleaning up?
> Who knows?  You might very well have a basis for classes on period
> dishes, with the food as "demonstration" exhibits!
> Old Ladys' two cents worth...Aoife
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