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Fri Oct 2 09:38:32 PDT 2009

Greetings All

I believe her excellency has a point.  Since it seems that most sites
were deemed unacceptable because of kitchen requirements, it would
seem that that you need to rethink.  Winterkingdom is primarily about
classes and learning.  Northkeep has many, many people who have made
delicious goodies for potlucks and bake sales for years.

Would it be so bad to have a sideboard of snacks and such through the
day and have the wonderful soups and stuff at lunch?  Instead of a
feast steward, a co-ordinator of food, with people signed up to help 
with the laying out dishes and cleaning up?

Who knows?  You might very well have a basis for classes on period
dishes, with the food as "demonstration" exhibits!

Old Ladys' two cents worth...Aoife
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