[Northkeep] Centurion Shot Bar @ Protectorate... a small change

Centurion Uriangqadai centurionorion at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 19:46:45 PDT 2009

Originally, the Centurion Shot Bar donations were going towards the free
event - Centurion War College - that's being held on Jan 15-17.

However, since there will be a fund raiser to help TRH at the same time, it
was decided that the funds from the Centurion Shot Bar will be going towards
The Royal Highness fund raiser instead of the Centurion War College.

>From what Ive heard, it was suggested that the hafla, sumo and the shot bar
all be in the same area. So come by, enjoy the party, have a drink and
donate to a *very* worthy cause and help keep the "Awesomeness" going!

Centurion Uriangqadai

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