[Northkeep] Protectorate Weather

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Fri Oct 9 08:28:12 PDT 2009

For those traveling to Protectorate this weekend, here’s an update on the
weather and whatnot. The forecast  is by the lepricon I caught a few years
back. Try reading it in your head with the Lucky Charms lepricon voice.
Sometimes it helps me understand the little guy.

“Friday theres a 50% chance-a-rain in the morning decreasing throughout the
day with a high O’ 55 degrees.  Winds’ll be gusty up to 15MPH
outta-da-north. The chance of rain by the time gate opens is a tiny wee bit
as the clouds’ll still be moving out. The ground’s gonna be wet, remember
yer tent tarp.

Friday’s over night temps’ll drop inta-da mid 30s. Da humidity’ll go way
down as the cold keeps-a-movin’ through. No reservations needed for snugglin
’ by fires.

Saturday’ll see highs around 58 degrees and winds’ll be light. Dis’ll be
great fighting weather! ..and pretty darn nice for just about anythin’ else
as well. The sun’ll be out like da landlord’s daughter, a beautiful tease
now and then.

Sunday morning it’ll be colder than a Wallace’s reception by the English at
around 35 degrees. Bring some extra blankets, warm undies, and don’t forget
da bottled warmth ya been brewin’. Sunday’ll warm up ta near 60 by the time
we pack ya up and send ya back to mundanity.” 
.The captive lepricon.

If you need extra warmth, there’ll be many a Namron soul who can warm an
army with a smile (and a few who can start a fire with a gaze).

Fight well Ansteorrans!

Yours In Service,
Lord Linus

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