[Northkeep] Thank you/ Centurion Shot Bar

Kionna Peebles kionnap1 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 12 14:51:56 PDT 2009


Protectorate this past weekend was a wonderful event, and I have to send out
special thanks to all of the lovely women that helped out at the Centurion Shot
Bar.  (I know we kinda took over and ran
with it guys … sorry about that :P) BTW having your individual shots premixed
and or ready to go definitely made things go smoother thank you
Centurions!!   Montega, Aelfwyn, Kat (sorry I know you have
an SCA name that you use … but, you and I both know I never use it), Meagan,
and Her Excellency Druinn.  Many thanks
to you all for your time and efforts throughout the evening and into the early
morning hours!  I could not have done it
without you!  Then another thanks to
those Centurions (Morgan, Rikr, and Romanius) as well as Ian from House
Wolfstar for guarding us through the evening and helping us stay
organized!  Ian thank you so much for
staying the entire night with me ( yea yea hubba hubba) and helping me get “everything”
cleaned up at the end of the evening. 
Ludo I just wanted to say thank you so much for the hot cider, for those
of us that weren’t drinking, but were instead working it helped to keep us
warm!  As for donations from our “AWESOME”
populace we donated $327 to Their Highnesses!!! 
Vivat Ansteorra!!!!! 

Yours in Service,
Lady Kheoniia Pskova

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