[Northkeep] winter kingdom blues ( aka HELP !!! )

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Fri Oct 2 06:24:24 PDT 2009

I would like to point out that what is really holding us back is the feast. 
>From sites that were discussed earlier, many were rejected out of hand 
because there was not an adequate kitchen.  Many one day events do not have 
a feast.  I realize it's not the popular answer, but it is an answer.  If we 
look for a site that will accomodate the classes only, perhaps we will have 
better luck.


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> greetings unto the populace of northkeep !!
> it is with sad tidings that i open this missive ....
> the one good location that we knew might be available ,( plenty of 
> classrooms,good kitchen, plenty of outdoor space for
> " active " classrooms, and plenty of parking ) just called me today to say 
> they didn't choose to allow us to use there property , ( but they would 
> pray for us ; )
> at this time even january dates are getting mighty close, and we still 
> don't have a viable site.
> does anyone know of any place that doesn't believe we are evil,doesn't 
> want a small fortune, and isn't busy hosting sports events every weekend 
> ?????
> preferably in one of the many northkeep zipcodes ?????
> we already have 1 application for autocrat and 2 bids for feastocrat , so 
> a site is all we need  !!!
> if we can't find a viable site very soon, we  may have to cancel winter 
> kingdom this year .....
> ( i don't want that , none of the landeds,  current or soon to be , want 
> that, )
> what say you the populace of northkeep ???
> do we cave in like some wimpy trimarin ??? and cancel winterkingdom ??
> or do we stand up and fight with every last arrow, spear, sword, club, and 
> bloody arm we can ,
> find like the populace of northkeep and foil this evil trimarin plot to 
> make northkeep look bad  ???
> Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
> Arthur
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