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as someone who's dabbled in heraldic art... if you try to put a dragon (or any other critter) right on top of the other (so in a way they're overlapping).... I'll slap you silly for making me try to draw it.  I don't care what the heralds say about it's legality.



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If I understand your question correctly, yes, of course two (or more) creatures or objects can be turned the same way, one higher than the other on a field (background) that is not divided.

If you mean can one be over / in front of the other, like the tower on the saltire (the X shape) on Northkeep's arms, then the answer is a bit more complicated. They would need to be of simple outline and contrasting color. A star over a star is ok, a dragon over a dragon wouldn't be.

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Can two of the same blazon,face the same way. One on top of the other,no 
ivision. For sheild? 
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