[Northkeep] In preparation of Melee Season and Gulf War - Armoring Days!

Centurion Uriangqadai centurionorion at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 21:24:44 PDT 2009

San Bian Northern Ansteorra!

The Fall Melee season is soon going to be upon us. Three Queens, BAM and
Regional Fighter/Melee Practices are just the beginning... don’t forget GULF

In case there are people out there that haven't noticed, Sir Owen will be
our King during Gulf Wars. I know that he is hoping for the highest
attendance numbers ever, both on and off the field.

To help make this happen, Centurion D'Alder and I are going to hold Armoring
Days at Camp DaKaNi. They will be every Thursday from 7-9, during the normal
time for Wiesenfeuerer's fighter practice. We will *NOT* be supplying the
materials to make armor, but there will be the tools, advice and web sites

This is a map location of Camp DaKaNi

Come join us on Thursdays! Fight, build armor or assist others. By everyone
pitching in, we can show the rest of the Kingdom what Northern Ansteorra is
made of!

Centurion D'Alder

Centurion Uriangqadai

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