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Tamara Britton zeurburt2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 8 22:22:25 PDT 2009

Dear friends, excuse the bandwidth as I don't have e-mail addresses to everyone I need to send this to. 
As many of you already know, Thorvald and I are moving this Friday from Sand Springs to 76th and Yale. Last weekend we worked our butts off for 4 straight days, and with the size of our butts, you know that means a WHOLE lotta work. Our garages are empty and moved to storage already.WOOT!  I work/school 42 hours between M and Th, not to mention homework, so weekends is all I have. Unfortunately, that means this coming up weekend as well. 
Our plan is to be packed Thurs night for load one. We will go over to the apartment at 9am Friday to sign the lease and unload trip #1. Then we will wait for Cox from 10-12 before load #2. We are hoping to have all the boxes and light/bulky stuff moved by evening. This is where you, our friends who have offered to help, come in. We will leave the heavy moving of furniture for the pm load, 6-ish, for strong men. With my possibly bulging disk that has been running my life since Feb, I know my limits and won't even try to help on this last load. We hope to have everything moved on Fri for the weekend fun.
Thorvald is planning on being at Chandler for Sat and Sun. I, unfortunately, will be setting up and running an indoor sale with the items we and my family want to get rid of. So, I will take full responsibility of this to free up the fighter. And, for any interested parties, we are selling baby bed, strollers, weight set, mundane tents, and a metal gazebo frame to name a few. 
Can't wait until we are done moving,

If you need to contact me: 504-6510 or Thorvald: 269-0179
If interested in Sat sale--520 N Lincoln Ave in Sand Springs. Take Adams Rd exit, go straight until Lincoln (Arby's) and turn right, up hill to almost 6th street.

May you work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching. 
~An Irish Proverb

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