[Northkeep] Raffle reminder

Stephanie Drake cerdanya at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 13:26:02 PDT 2010

This is just a reminder that we will be having a raffle at Castellan to
raise money
for the new pavilions and thrones etc. that Northkeep is wanting to
purchase/commission.  Please take a look around and see what you have that
you might like to donate to the raffle.  I have had pledges of some
handmade items such as Lord Talbot's knife, HE Ian's map, a photo portrait
done by Master Diarmaid, a copy of Vixen's Keep and some beautiful jewelry
made by Mistress Catrin.  But we can always use more items.  The more
 wondrous things on the table, the more tickets people will want to buy for
a chance to win (Why do I hear "Money makes the world go
round" playing in my head????).  If you are a crafts person, what
handmade goods do you have that Northkeep could benefit from?
If you will be unable to attend Castellan and would like to donate
something, please email me privately at steldr at cox.net and I will work
something out to pick things up from you.  I will be at fighter practice
next week, on the 28th,
if you would like to pass things along there.  Thank you all in advance for
support of the Barony!

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