[Northkeep] well %^&(

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Fri Apr 9 21:00:47 PDT 2010

Oh double H__l!
This has been happening way too much lately!  Hadn't you just moved recently?
we're thinking about you...hang in there.
Aoife & Co.

On Sat Apr 10  0:30 , Cheryl Kiel <azuredecodragon at yahoo.com> sent:

>For those not on my Facebook, my place got broken into yesterday.  As a result I' 
pretty scatterbrained at the moment & trying to get everything back under control.  
I vaguely recall promising someone something involving this weekend.  I'm sorry.  
Yea I don't even recall what it was or who was involved.  If this is you, my 
apologies but yea it's not going to happen.
>In the meantime thank you thank you thank you to all my friends who've been 
offering emotional support.
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