[Northkeep] Molly's (Brie) injury

Kevinkeary at aol.com Kevinkeary at aol.com
Thu Jul 15 13:14:46 PDT 2010

For those who saw Molly's (aka Brie) foot last night, we did take her to  
the ER but the wait was over 3 hours and there were sick babies and drunks 
who  had messed themselves up and many people who looked like they needed the 
ER more  than her, ahead of her in line.  Besides, there wasn't any place to 
 put her foot up or any ice packs for it so going home seemed the better 
part of  an idea.  So we made an appointment with her Dr this morning and the  
prognosis is that while the Dr thought it was broke, the x-ray people said 
no  it's not.  Seems it is just a really bad sprain and pull with a bad  
bruising just for added effects.  Told her to put it up, ice it if it  needs it 
use some 'fighter candy' for the swelling and pain and take it easy for  a 
couple of days.  We need to watch it because there could be something  that 
didn't show up on the x-ray  but if it gets worse call and come in,  other 
wise we should just baby it for a few days but that she should walk on it  
Thanks for all the sympathy, empathy concern and good thoughts and prayers  
for her.  They seem to have paid off.  Now once the crankies from the  
booster shots she got while there wear off we should be good. ;p  Hopefully  my 
life will be boring and staid the rest of the week, I think I could stand  
that. ;p
Again thanks everybody!

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