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  I was wondering if you could assist me with forwarding this missive to the e-lists in your Kingdoms and Principalities to assist with the widest dissemination of information as possible?  Thank you so much for you time and Assistance.



  Please join us for a day of friendship and jubilee on Wednesday, August 11th from 1 to 4 pm in the Barn for the Known World Children’s Fete.  

  As in previous years, the Fete will have a variety of arts and crafts, ongoing activities and live performances to amuse and delight. We may be having some activities that involve water, so please make sure your young ones are dressed appropriately. There will be light snacks and drinks available for children and their parents.

  The Fete is designed for children ages four and up. Children ages four, five and six must have an adult (or teen who is at least 14 years old) remain with them throughout the festivities. Older children should be checked on periodically by parents or guardians to ensure their safety and suitable behavior.

  Parents and guardians please note that if your child has food allergies or other health issues that they are unable to manage or if they may not leave the party unescorted, you should remain with your child at the Fete. Due to the large numbers of children that attend the Fete, organizers cannot be responsible for these issues. The parent or guardian’s location during the party must be given as children come through check-in at the Fete. We ask that children do not bring personal articles with them while attending the Children’s Fete, as the organizers will not be responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.

  Volunteers are Always Needed!

  Each year, on the Wednesday of War Week, we celebrate the youth of the Society by providing younger members a fun filled afternoon at Pennsic War. However, the party cannot take place without the generous volunteers who give of their time and energy each year.  We can never have too many people helping. Volunteers should arrive at the barn at 12:30pm.   If you are interested in assisting with set-up please arrive at the barn at 12:00pm (your help is always appreciated.)

  We are also requesting Fete volunteers to wear pink during the Fete in honor of Duchess Arielle the Golden, the founder of the Known World Children’s Fete.

  If you would like to help, or need additional information, you may contact: Herrin Emeludt Hänsler at (910) 322-2702 or youth at atlantia.sca.org,  or you at Pennsic please leave a message at Strawberry Fields (B6)

  (Please cross-post this missive to any lists that you are on.)


  Yours in Honor & Service to the Youth,

  Herrin Emeludt Hänsler 
       Known World Children's Fete Coordinator, Pennsic 39
       Chancellor of Youth - Kingdom of Atlantia
       Chancellor Minor - Barony of Windmasters' Hill 
       Exchequer - Canton of Attillium  

  Visit the Kingdom Youth Activities Website at: http://youth.atlantia.sca.org


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