[Northkeep] GAA Toga Party!

Lord Charles of Portsmouth sca_anthonyowen at live.com
Mon Jul 26 07:19:28 PDT 2010

Greetings Ladies and Gents, 

  I am Lord Charles of Portsmouth and I am heading up the Toga party that is going to be held at GAA. At this time I could use some people to help set up said party when the time comes, could also use donations for some prize baskets that are to be given away at the party, and last but not least donations for Snacks and finger foods would be appreciated. My contact information will be left at the end of this short e-mail if you wish to donate your time, items, or food. 

 Please all be sure to wear your best Toga! Whats that you don't have a toga? I thought everyone had a toga, well I'll tell you what here is a easy way to make a Toga. 

 I hope to see everyone out at GAA and wearing their Togas during the party!

P.S. (Could someone send this to the wiesenfeuer list I seem not to be on it thank you in advance)

Lord Charles of Portsmouth
Herald of Skorragardr
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