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Mon Jul 26 12:27:43 PDT 2010

Hail to the finest barony in the Imperium.

I am working on an update to (my copy of, no longer the official) Northkeep's Order of Precedence and (drawn from the same database but involving different data) Farspeaker List.

Our membership is fluid. People move in and out, some who are active become inactive, others find the Society for the first time or return to activity after a hiatus. The first step is getting a list of people who are currently active (in their own estimation or that of those close enough to them to know) and resident (again, in their own estimation OR in lands associated with / claimed by Northkeep or Chemin Noir. This includes lands that were once Rundel), Having had mixed results before, I am going to try this method to get this information updated.

Below is a list of people I currently have noted as Active and Resident. I KNOW some of this is outdated, and I'm missing some new people. I typically consider someone 'Active' if they show up at meetings, demos, revels, or events, or post to this email list. Say in the last six months. Or if I know their corporate membership is current. I'm not good at keeping track of when someone goes inactive again. I would appreciate two kinds of input:

Tell me anyone you know has gone inactive, moved, or otherwise withdrawn from us -- and HOW they are no longer a part of the barony (or never were and I'm a goof).
Tell me anyone who is not listed but SHOULD be.
Tell me if anyone is using a different name or a different spelling of his name than I show -- except Elizabettta, who spells her name differently every time on purpose, and I'm tired of cataloguing them. Some of these names are incomplete or are obviously nicknames, NOT real persona names. But they're the best I have.

If you want to send me mundane names or contact information for any new people, that would be nice, or if you want to send me any contact information that has changed in the last year or so, that would be nice, too, but I am going to ask for that information again later, once I have an updated list of people to work with.

I have gone through the kingdom OP and recorded everything I noticed had not been in the baronial OP before. Once I have a refined membership list, I'll publish that, and you can tell me what you see that is missing or that is incorrectly attributed.

Also, would you like to see Residency maintained separately for Northkeep and Chemin Noir, to allow for separate reporting and possibly dividing the data on that day when Chemin Noir becomes an independent branch, if and when it does?

Thank you for your assistance.


Abigale MacNokard
Adalia VonderBerg
Adelaide verch Dewi
Aderyn Gunnarsdottir
Agnese von Winklereid
Ainar Magnusson
Aisling Donnelly
Alanna of Caer du Pard  
Alexandra Blackwolf
Alexandra de Beaujeu
Aline Swynbrook
Allysan of Odsstead
Amadeo Estevão
Amanda Blackwolf
Anandi Rose du Pray
Anawyn Bardolph
Andrew of Northkeep
Andrew Selwyn
Angelique de la Fontaine
Angus Gunn
Angus MacNokard
Annecathryn of Wicken Bonhunt
Anton Thoth Rukhkh
Aodh O'Hoolighan
Aodhac du diffeuft
Aoife of Chemin Noir
Arthur Blackmoon
Atiyya of Halifras
Augustina Elizabetta da San Germano
Avi of Northkeep
Ayla von Aschen
Balvin Thorfinnson
Barrett Morgan
Belle de Bosque
Beorhtlic Folcwineson
Blakhawk of Odsstead
Brenden Artur Talbot
Brian Gam
Brigetta von Winklereid
Brigid MacCana
Carl von Winklereid
Carlyle de Troyes
Catan ingen Cairthinn
Catrin ferch Gwilym o Gonway
Charmaine Talbot
Chase von Aue
Chris von Wolfsburg
Cian Rhys Gravenor
Ciana O'Hara  
Conall mac Eoghain
Damon Hroarsson, THL Borrendöhl
Deborah of Lemburg
Debroa bat Yosef
Delesse de Bearumarchais
Dervilia O'Shannon
Diana Leighton-Gam
Diarmaid O'Dunn
Diethelm Waltorfer
Dirgelion d'Aubigny
Donna verch Dewi
Douglas of Airell Clark
Dunstana Talana the Violet
Eleanor de Lannoy
Elisabeth Ann Herrington
Elisabeth de Calais
Elisaveta af Isefjord
Elizabeta of Rundel
Elizabeth 3
Ellette Silverwolf
Elodie Cormier
Elysse Grant
Emmalina of Northkeep
Eric 4
Eric the Black of Ravensfaire
Ethan the Red
Ethen Schwalzer Falke
Evangelos Thrakios
Evangr Hrafn
Eve Donald
Eveline Leighton of Mayhall
Facon du Pray
Faolan MacFarland  
Finn Kelly O'Donnel
Fiona Schwalzer Falke
Fiontan O'Cuaig
Francesca de Asisi
Franziska von Locknitz
Gabriel de Amore
Gassion de Beaumarchais
Gauwin the Grey
Gelis of Iron Mountain
Gemma of Northkeep
Genevieve Grant VonAue
Genivieve Le Fleur Du Bois
Genna MacGregor
Geoffrey de Gournay
Geoffrey Makepeace
Gerard de le Quartier
Gest Grimsson
Gibblo von Zurk
Gilyan Clonmacnoise
Ginevra verch Dewi
Gisela von der Wluesborch
Gretchen Janson
Grime Stonavich
Halla Havita Eldjarndottir
Hamish MacNokard
Ian dun Gillan  
Ian Mac Kensie
Igor Shearhart
Ikijima Katsutoshi
Ismet al Din Bithia
James Navarre
James Parker
James the New Guy
Janet of Northkeep
Jean Michel de Gournay
Jean Paul de Sens
Jehanette de Lyon
Jehanna of Northkeep
Johann von Aue
Jonathan DeLaufyson Macebearer
Justus ap Dewi
Jutte VonderBerg
Kale Kourtikina
Karl Hungus
Karl Thorgeirsson
Kate Illechilde
Katlyn Vowles
Keigan of Ravensfaire
Kelandra Carmichael
Kendrick MacNokard
Kenneth Ulfsfather
Kevin Keary
Kieran ó Chonnacht
Kormakr Varlson
Kristyne of Northkeep
Krystal Blackwolf
Lee 1
Llywelyn Bryddid ap Dafydd Hen
Loren Augustus
Lothar Reichtman
Lucan Silverwolf
Ludewicius of Northkeep
Lynn the Inquisitive
Marcus Quietly
Margaret Leighton-Gam
Marion of Northkeep
Mariposita de la Aura
Marlin Fenwyck
Masumune no Soseki
Mehpare Bint Ejer
Mercedes de Cerdanya
Michelle 2
Molly O'Shea
Montega Blackdragon
Moon the Lost
Morgan Blackdragon
Morgan of Northkeep
Morgan von Wolfsburg
Muirenn Nia ingen Nath-I
Murad Fezzik Ager
Nadine des Jardins
Nevar Aderynsdottir
Nicol MacNokard
Nicole von Aue
Nur Eve bint Ishmail Al Irani
Oengus mac Ailpein
Olivia de Calais
Otar Thorvaldson
Ottokar Luther von Holstein
Patrick of Elmbend
Perrin de Beaujeu
Piotr Balomirin Syn Barsukov
Qwentin Schwalzer Falke
Rachael of Northkeep
Raghnailt inghean Toirdhealbhaigh
Ragnar Wolvesbane
Ray ap Dewi
Rayge R N Wynn
Rayhanna of Halfiras
Rebekah of Northkeep
Renault de Mont-Saint Michel
Rene of Mooneschadowe
Revka Brucha
Robert De Chien De Bois
Robin of Northkeep
Roselynde d'Angleterre
Rowan Quirke
Rupert 3
Rupert Geoffrey Down de Ronda
Samuel ap Dewi
Sarran the Traveler
Seamus McGregor
Shaithis Dieter
Sheach mac Phadraig
Sierra de Beaujeu
Sierra Schwalzer Falke
Sigen Northkeep
Siobahn ni Domnahl
Siobhan nic Raith
Skye van Berkum
Susan the Curious
Suvira Siti
Tamberlin aka Cunovinda ingen Choinnich
Tara from Bartlesville
Tarasius of Galata
Therese Maria Giovanni
Thomas ap Dewi
Thomas Red Hawke
Thorfin Ulfson
Thorgrim Northkeep
Thormund Blackwolf
Thorvald Egilsson
Tia Svansdottir
Timothy le Corbusier
Toinette de Cambrai
Toriea Winkle
Tyr Micahsson
Ulf Arnfinnson
Ulrich von Büdigen
Uriangqadai Cinoajin
Verdandi Gormsdottir
Victor de Beaujeu
Victoria of Northkeep
Violet Ulfsdottir
Vordigrim Sedricson
Wiggen Yohnsun
Wilhelm der Wulf von dem Schwarzwald
Wilhelm von Winkleried
William of Northkeep
Willow de Wisp
Wynfrith of Mooneschadowe
Xavier the Unluminous
Yrmentrude Sigsdottir
Yves Huguelet
Zahava batHannah
Zambutu bin Zwalazui
Zoe of Northkeep
Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya

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