[Northkeep] wall hanging project??

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Fri Jun 11 13:25:33 PDT 2010

Dear People of North keep.
His Excellency Facon has suggested That I start a project and head it up of replacing the lost and damaged North keep Wall hangings and creating some new ones to go with the wall
I told him I would be happy to do so but I would need help. I love to do these kind of projects with people. People make it an adventure rather than a chore. We would mostly work on them at fighter practice. 
These would be paid for by the Barony and as so I would like impute on the design. Next Fighter practice I will bring some drawings I have been working on. If you are even mildly interested please come and look at them and bring your Drawings and ideas and opinions. 
After that I will take our favorite versions to the BB and officers with a complete proposal with cost and time we will need . They will select one or send me back to the drawing boards.
The Baron suggested a sort of   Gothic look framing figures of the past leaders of  North keep. Someone else suggested that  incorporate heraldry, the the form of shields with prominent citizens of Northkeep over the years.
 One suggestion was on trees like that tapestry with the trees with shields hanging down. If you herald people would think about this and make suggestions please come to fighter practice next Wed. This kind of project can not succeed without your impute.
Yous Mistress Willow de Wisp

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