[Northkeep] Raffle at populace.

beorhtlic at netzero.net beorhtlic at netzero.net
Wed Jun 23 19:42:24 PDT 2010

Greetings all; I am going to sponser a small raffle at populace meeting, being raffled are the oringinal fork and spoon in sterling that I made and two each of bronze forks and spoons, the proceeds will go to helping a friend of ours who asked to be anonomous, she donates her volunterr time atGW to Northkeep and works our events, She is finishing a tech program and has run short on funds, has about a month and a half before finishing. These funds will keep her in fuel and phone and dinner in the mean time. If you cannot help, feel no qualms, if you can please do so, any help will be      greatly appreciated, tickets will be 1.00 each and raffled monday night. My thanks to you all,  Beorhtlic
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