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        Delesse, Ethan & I arrived on site the day before the Armoured
ravine battle.  A good thing since I needed gauntlets in order to fight.
So, shopping we went.  I picked up a set of clamshells that were over-priced
but well made of spring steel.  The more I use them the better I like them.
Later that evening I received a Sable Talon, from back in November.  HM Owen
gave me a good talking to about leaving site before court.  I'm honored that
someone thought so much of me to make such a recommendation to the Crown,
whoever you are you have my thanks.

        For the Armoured ravine battle, and indeed all of the armoured war
point battles, I participated as a guard for HRH.  HE Facon, and up to four
other gents did our very best to protect the future Queen of Ansteorra.
Early in the battle it was quite obvious that it would be a challenge, as
she enjoys being up close and moves often.  In our initial contact, several
enemy made a push in our the line just to our front.  One soldier managed to
get tied up with the honor guard to my left, I feel sorry for him that he
forgot I was there...  I'm glad my time away did not diminish my capacity or
desire to strike down our foes.  Bolts and arrows were the tool of the day.
They littered the field, almost to the point of being a hazard.  In the end,
HRH was felled once by a bolt from our north flank. Each time she exhausted
her supply of bolts she made a declaration for her guard to join in the fun
and strike as many enemy down as we could.  And so it was done...  At some
point Delesse was watching and mentioned my position on the field to another
Lady, also watch form the sidelines.  As she pointed me out a Trimarian
attempted to push through our line, only to be struck fendente from my
blade.  To hear her side of it, it was a perfect blow that forced the enemy
to the ground.  From my perspective, no single moment stands out, a sure
sign that glory was in the air and in abundance.

        The rapier field battle was next.  We began on the forest side,
facing what seemed to be near even odds.  The non-white scarf warriors of
our army were graced by HRH with wearing a favor of a cast war pony.  The
commanders had a plan and devoted the army to carrying it out.  We formed a
single line, encompassing the whole of the fields width.  Our enemy broke
their line into three equal formations, West, center, and East.  The battle
began and we moved forward in-line.  The enemy center and East flank
formations made for our East flank, we maintained our lines.  Much of the
enemies West flank were diminished by the time our East flank enveloped
them. The "Anvil" that was Ansteorra held as the "Hammer" of our allies
pounded the enemy into dust.  Why fix that which isn't broken...?  For the
second rapier field battle we took the same approach, with a similar
outcome.  Victory, and a whole war point to Ansteorra was gained in those
two battles.  Yet the fun was not to end there, we conducted a third rapier
field battle.  It took two losses for our enemies to learn how to counter
our tactics.  Counter they did, and secured success in the third battle.

        Weary after the days events, we retired to camp to enjoy the fire,
food, and friends.  Bottles were passed, glory re-told, and bonds
strengthened.  But, early was to be the cry for our defenses to be gathered
for the Armoured Field battle to following day, thus early to bed was the
motto for the night, at least for myself.

        The first Armoured field battle felt much like the rapier field
battle, how easy it seemed we managed victory.  Among the Princess's Guard,
two remained alive to the end as did HRH.  Many enemy lay dead as our
Princess stole their lives and captured our hearts with her skill at the
crossbow.  We marched up and down the lines at will, striking down the enemy
as they closed.  An angle of the archers at our backs, seemingly defending
us instead of the other way around.  In the second Armoured field battle, we
were the ones enveloped.  HRH and the Honor Guard were among the last to
fall.  I distinctly recall the feel of the blow I rendered to an approaching
shield man and his salute... a salute I should not have returned, as it was
the opening a spearman used to strike me in the face.  Yet, this defeat was
not to be in our thoughts for long.  The deciding Armoured Field battle
brought victory once again to Ansteorra and her allies.  Again we turned the
enemies flanks and pushed them, at times to the brink of the field.  Our
Princess, her guard and as few as two dozen other Ansteorran's and allies
eventually defeated similar numbers of the remaining enemy.  We did so by
forming as large of a unit as we could and engaging the enemy in smaller
numbers as we crossed from the Northeast side of the field to the Southwest.
HRH was honored with an award for her skill on the field following the
battle.  But no time was granted to reflect on that glory as we soon
mustered for the Rapier Ravine battle.

        The rapier Ravine battle was a blur of activity initially.  Small
units were selected to charge beyond and hold critical terrain while the
remainder of our forces advanced to the three objectives.  The enemy were
persistent but were unable to dislodge our hold on the objectives for more
than a few moments at a time.

        By the end of the days battles I grew weary & hungry, yet somehow
energized for the night to come. At camp, our Prince approached with very
kind words.  His tone is always that of a thoughtful man speaking to a good
friend.  At first I thought he was there to ask a favor.  I was honored when
it became apparent his words were for me, I felt the need to neal...  As he
thanked me for  the service of guarding the Crown Princess he gave a token
of his colors to wear.  A badge I excepted and will think of fondly.  I both
look forward to their reign and regret that I will miss it.  The remainder
of the night, we caught up with old friends from all the Kingdoms we have
been blessed to live in.  The beer was grand, thick, and dark.  The scotch
smooth.  The friendships rekindled.  Many days I wonder how it is we became
so lucky, others I regret not being able to be there at those most important
times.  Delesse and I both look forward to the time when we can enjoy being
part of a community on a permanent basis.

        There is one last battle to write on...  I'll save that for others
to share.  In all, leaving one war to attend another was well worth the
travel and expense.  We hope next year will bring us back.


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