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Coronation traditionally is light on awards and most of those are
focused on the turnover of the Crowns and Crown thank yous like Gloves
and Gauntlets and Crown's Grace.

That said...

There was a morning court which had one piece of business (I kind of
remember this one, front row seat or something).  On that note, I was
really honored to have several people from Northkeep who participated
in my peerage ceremony.  And I was very pleased to be called at a
Northkeep event.

The King's Champion tourney was running concurrently with that morning
court.  Jarl Hrafn Olafsson won the tournament and is Champion to King
Jean Paul.

After lunch (for those who had time to eat) was the stepping down
court.  It took just a bit over two hours.  The Crown gave two King's
Gauntlets and two Queen's Gloves, about 15 Crown's Grace (which, by
the way, Rosamund was awarded a Crown's Grace at the Bonwicke
Champions event in April).  They also gave Sable Cranes to Don Eule
and HL Lillias MacGuffin.  A couple of items were read into law for
people who missed court.  Then HL Tadhg from Namron was made a Laurel
(now Master Tadhg) and Duchess Conal was elevated to the Order of the
Pelican.  Oewn and Genevria finished the stepping down process.

Less than 30 minutes later, an armed contingent arrived and was
confronted by a line of knights.  Crown Prince Jean Paul and arrived
from battle and arrived armed.  He was challenged by the knights to
identify himself and to clearly state by what right he came to claim
the Crown.  He crowned himself, then called for his Princess and
Crowned her Queen.  They opened court, did the usual coronation
business (fealty oaths, recognized the King's Champion, etc.) and made
Owen and Genevria an Iarll (Earl in Welsh) and Countess.  Then called
the Order of the Rose and invested Genevria into the order.  Then they
pretty much wrapped things up and broke for a meeting with all of the
polling orders and returned to sit in state for guests and gifts.
Then there was feast.

That is kind of a very condensed version of the day.

Maitre Etienne

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