[Northkeep] Coronation?

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Didn't Duchess Julia get an Iris?  I was out in the hall at troll but I'm 
pretty sure I saw that happen..............


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> Amanda,
> Coronation traditionally is light on awards and most of those are
> focused on the turnover of the Crowns and Crown thank yous like Gloves
> and Gauntlets and Crown's Grace.
> That said...
> There was a morning court which had one piece of business (I kind of
> remember this one, front row seat or something).  On that note, I was
> really honored to have several people from Northkeep who participated
> in my peerage ceremony.  And I was very pleased to be called at a
> Northkeep event.
> The King's Champion tourney was running concurrently with that morning
> court.  Jarl Hrafn Olafsson won the tournament and is Champion to King
> Jean Paul.
> After lunch (for those who had time to eat) was the stepping down
> court.  It took just a bit over two hours.  The Crown gave two King's
> Gauntlets and two Queen's Gloves, about 15 Crown's Grace (which, by
> the way, Rosamund was awarded a Crown's Grace at the Bonwicke
> Champions event in April).  They also gave Sable Cranes to Don Eule
> and HL Lillias MacGuffin.  A couple of items were read into law for
> people who missed court.  Then HL Tadhg from Namron was made a Laurel
> (now Master Tadhg) and Duchess Conal was elevated to the Order of the
> Pelican.  Oewn and Genevria finished the stepping down process.
> Less than 30 minutes later, an armed contingent arrived and was
> confronted by a line of knights.  Crown Prince Jean Paul and arrived
> from battle and arrived armed.  He was challenged by the knights to
> identify himself and to clearly state by what right he came to claim
> the Crown.  He crowned himself, then called for his Princess and
> Crowned her Queen.  They opened court, did the usual coronation
> business (fealty oaths, recognized the King's Champion, etc.) and made
> Owen and Genevria an Iarll (Earl in Welsh) and Countess.  Then called
> the Order of the Rose and invested Genevria into the order.  Then they
> pretty much wrapped things up and broke for a meeting with all of the
> polling orders and returned to sit in state for guests and gifts.
> Then there was feast.
> That is kind of a very condensed version of the day.
> Maitre Etienne
> On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 1:06 AM, Amanda Wallace
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>> Love you! You just made my night...and Thormund is over there thinking 
>> I've
>> lost my mind. Giggle-fit continues.
>> Amanda
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