[Northkeep] Coronation?

Catherine Lackey catanlac at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 09:18:50 PDT 2010

    I so deeply regret I was unable to attend Coronation.  I had everything ready, the car was packed and everything, but in the end I just had too many pain issues to be able to drive safely.  I did so want to see Etienne be inducted into the Order of the Pelican as he so richly deserved.  I wanted to see TRH
Jean Paul and Gilyan crowned as our new King and Queen and I congratulate them and wish them a happy and prosperous reign, and offer my support in any way.
    I also need to ISO Baroness Michelle Chantal de Charente, who I intended to meet with at Coronation.  Can anyone help put me in touch with this good lady?

                                                                                          Catrin ferch Gwilym

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Subject: [Northkeep] Coronation?

Ok, so I've seen some great pics. But no one has said what happened at
Coronation (other than, well JP & Gilyan receiving their crowns). I know
Etienne was being elevated. Other than that, I need news, people.

AWESOME garb, btw.


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