[Northkeep] Who I am part 2

a a princeisabitteroldman at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 14:44:38 PDT 2010

After the overwhelming resonse to my last post.... .:-)   I'll continue.......
I think it was James Michener who was talking about bullfights and said something like this:for every 100 bullfights you attend,80 are a waste of time,15 are moderately interesting,4 are quite interesting,and one is magnificent and makes all the time you've invested worth it.And that is sometimes the way I feel about SCA events.I have a sense of drama and I hope the SCA can feed into that.It doesn't very often but the hope is there.I'm a sucker for a good tearjerker of a movie.I can never watch "Saving Private Ryan" with dry eyes.Same for "Titanic".Even John Wayne's "The Alamo" feeds my desire to be moved,even now that I understand that things didn't happen much like the Duke's version.

 There's a story I heard years ago;It probably never happened but I'd like to think it might have.Seems a newcomer attended his first SCA event and early on he went into the privy.It was in terrible shape and without hesitation he grabbed some cleaning materials and went to work cleaning up.Some time later a second person entered the privy.second person asked"what are you doing"?NC answered:"I'm cleaning the privy." SP asked,"why are you doing that"? NC answered,"because it needs to be done." SP: what's your name"? NC: John Doe.SP:"Do you know who I am"?NC:"No,sorry,I don't" SP:"I'm the King,and you are now LORD John Doe.

Well,I hope the SCA might work like that.


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