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Ah in a perfect world....
living a dream

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> After the overwhelming resonse to my last post.... .:-)   I'll
> continue.......
> I think it was James Michener who was talking about bullfights and said
> something like this:for every 100 bullfights you attend,80 are a waste of
> time,15 are moderately interesting,4 are quite interesting,and one is
> magnificent and makes all the time you've invested worth it.And that is
> sometimes the way I feel about SCA events.I have a sense of drama and I hope
> the SCA can feed into that.It doesn't very often but the hope is there.I'm a
> sucker for a good tearjerker of a movie.I can never watch "Saving Private
> Ryan" with dry eyes.Same for "Titanic".Even John Wayne's "The Alamo" feeds
> my desire to be moved,even now that I understand that things didn't happen
> much like the Duke's version.
>  There's a story I heard years ago;It probably never happened but I'd like
> to think it might have.Seems a newcomer attended his first SCA event and
> early on he went into the privy.It was in terrible shape and without
> hesitation he grabbed some cleaning materials and went to work cleaning
> up.Some time later a second person entered the privy.second person
> asked"what are you doing"?NC answered:"I'm cleaning the privy." SP
> asked,"why are you doing that"? NC answered,"because it needs to be done."
> SP: what's your name"? NC: John Doe.SP:"Do you know who I am"?NC:"No,sorry,I
> don't" SP:"I'm the King,and you are now LORD John Doe.
> Well,I hope the SCA might work like that.
>                                                     Edward
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