[Northkeep] A Gothic Apology

dominic barranco wookiematsu at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 14:17:45 PDT 2010

I apologize again for asking that this message be cross posted, it seems the 
messengers I had left all decided to go on strike, and where consequently eaten 
by the undead. 

Brothers and Sisters of the Sable Star

My glorious and most forgiving Wife has "asked" (ummm...yeah, asked with a stick 
in her hand) that I apologize for the bardic abomination contained within my 
last post.  You see when I said I was allocated funds to hire a bard, there 
were...financial concerns;  to which my most understanding wife was not privy 
(Megan found the throat-less shear I bought).  So I, having no real Bard craft 
to speak of ( evidenced by the horrible filk I did), shall take full blame for 
the assault to the gastrointestinal track that many fine people have reported 
after reading my little tune.  Please remember it is better to forgive than to 
throw me under the zombie bus.

The scenario's for this righteous crusade against evil will be:

Ambush...the opening scene.   woods battle Knights vs Non-belts till the last 
hero falls, counting the number of all zombie rez'es.

Run for it...the second act.  Open field, same as above.

Protect the Holy...act three.  town battle zombies have to take the Cathedral in 
X amount of time or the Reliquary gets away. 

Stand...act four.  bridge battle, heroes must hold for X amount of time to give 
the towns people time to flee, counting rez'es again for zombies.

Book of the Dead...act five.  even teams pulled from Zombie/knights and 
heroes...capture the flag.

Siege of the Fort... Finale.   same rules as most other fights. Fort doors are 
blown open by dark magic...last man standing wins. 
We have tried to D&D down the rules were we can ( no magic missile allowed, 
though flame arrows are acceptable I hear), and the management researves the 
right to change any of this without notice due to the rule of "we gots more 
fighting to do"

My Apothecary's promise the "cure" for this Zombie Plague will be ready Saturday 
night, and I have informed them the fighting happens Saturday day
( And to think I actually paid them...though what can you expect when there 
names are Jack , Jim and Jose).

I look forward to seeing all of you at this great turning point in our kingdoms 
history, as we fight back the darkness and let the Black Star shine.

In the words of my former messengers"All we are saying is give peace a ch-Ha get 
off me... oh gods. Help ackkkkkk"!!!! 

DON"T let this be you.

Damon Xanthus


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