[Northkeep] Garb Class This Saturday

Catherine Lackey catanlac at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 05:32:17 PDT 2010

    I hope many of you will join me Saturday, Sept. 4 at the Martin East 
Regional Library for a comprehensive, all (or most all) day class on garb 
design, preparation, fabric selection and tailoring taught by me, Baroness 
Catrin.  Have questions about garb styles?  Got problems that need solving?  
Bring your questions and problems and I promise to do my best to help solve 
them.  Everything from shopping for fabric to care for your garb once it's done 
and everything in between.
    All the tailoring tips that never seem to be written down anywhere but that 
spell the difference between garb that is ill-fitting and well-fitted, awkward 
to comfortable will be shared with you.
    In addition, I will teach a section on using found objects and mundane items 
to create a period look at little cost and trouble.
    Come benefit by my thirty years of garbmaking experience!  I want to help 
you get the garb you want!  We will begin at 10 am when the library opens and 
quit when it closes or I run out of steam, whichever comes first.  I hope to see 
lots of you there.  Thank you.



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