[Northkeep] A regional meeting at Mooneschadowe

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I find that I have more opinion on the subject that I thought I would.  Ian, you bring these thoughts to mind.
1.  The reformation is possibly a temporay unification.  I don't know what the odds are that the Western Region will be reformed at a future date, but I assume it's a possibility.  Still, it is a valid point and does create an oportunety.
2.  History is not something that I think we should hide or hide from.  Political conflicts have created, in part, the unity that we share.  Discussion of some of the issues will likely resurface and bring with them  rememberances of those bad times as well.  But, if the majority feel the need for a fresh start, there is nobility in that too.
3.  I am all for making the attempt at dispelling the mundane as much a possible in the game.  This is outside my area of interest and study, so I can't offer sugestions for for a name.
4.  I guess I would prefer things to stay the way they are because I came to the SCA & Ansteorra after all of the drama that was involved with past regional issues.  For me, the way things are now is how they always were.  I'm not fond of fixing unbroken things.  From my point of view it seems something I love is being altered, and that is a hard thing for me to enjoy the thought of.    I'm practicle enough to get over it though.  And I do understand that those who came before me deserve the chance to right some wrongs, move past the bad history, and make a try for developing a better future.  Please let us know how the meeting goes.
Missing you all,
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> For me there are a few reasons to take this step.
> 1. The northern region was not all that long ago redefined by the Kingdom 
> combining parts of the former western region. Now that the turmoil of those 
> changes have settled and there is a renewed sense of peace, prosperity, and 
> unity in the reformed North I think that deserves a new name to recognize that 
> reformation.
> 2. As Ivo said there is a lot of history with the name Nordsteorra and the 
> Northern Region and a lot of it is not good. We are in a good place as a region, 
> one filled with pride in our people and the groups of the North, a place that is 
> building a new future and that in my opinion deserves to have a name as a symbol 
> of that drive, that pride, and that unity, a name that shows the change from our 
> past.
> 3. Giving a region of a Kingdom a name is a perfectly period geographical thing 
> to do, look at France and Germany as examples, there is also precedence for it 
> in the SCA with Midrealm having regional names. Having a name other than a 
> direction is just one more cool thing we can do to add a more historically 
> accurate aspect to this game we all play. So having a name makes the concept of 
> a region have a more period feel if that region has a name other than the 
> direction it is located in.
> Kindly
> Ian
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