[Northkeep] [Ansteorra] A regional meeting at Mooneschadowe

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Thu Sep 16 13:21:24 PDT 2010

Willow made some good points. IMO Quivara, as Ismat suggested, is fairly easy to pronounce and to rhyme.

I'm no Latin scholar, and Latin online translators are terrible. Trying to translate 'storm' or 'tornado' into Latin produces 'tempest' or 'turbo' respectively, plus sufixes that depend on context. 'ia' is an often-seen ending in Latin region names (Anglia, Italia, Gallia). Tempestia is interesting but Turbonia makes me uneasy.

Red and Gold are nice colors, but this meeting is just about a name, not other accoutrements. A region is not a branch, and while it can be named (see Midrealm) it can't own that name or any armory or livery. The kingdom could register a badge for the use of a region's citizenry, but not a device. And we are not proposing becoming a branch, just choosing a name for ourself to make identifying ourselves smoother and, frankly, classier, a move we HOPE the other regions in the kingdom will follow.

As far as animals go, I've argued before that we could do worse than to symbolize the northern region as a wolf, as Ansteorra is as a lion and Calontir as a falcon, wrote a bad poem claiming the left jambe and eye of the Lion IS a wolf.

In discussing this with others, though, I have to say there is a lot to be said for choosing the horse to symbolize the North, either a true horse, or if a name having to do with wind, sky or storm is chosen, a winged horse (Pegasus). Neither Pegasus nor a horse or wolf is used as a symbol for any kingdom, principality or region I am aware of.

But all that is unimportant, beyond providing a symbol to bolster regional unity and identity. As we are not a branch, such an animal could at MOST be an unoffcial usage by the citizenry of the North, or a charge the region petitioned the Kingdom to include in a badge she registered for them.


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I can't be at the meeting no car but please, please check whatever you decide on 
f it can be written into songs and poetry . Also see if you can chant it. It is 
orrible to have a name you can't yell. Think also about the symbols that would 
o with it and possible an animal.

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