[Northkeep] Care package

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Wed Sep 29 12:22:01 PDT 2010

And Amadeo makes a good point.  Some of the soldiers don't have people at 
home who send them things.  Care packages like this often get shared out 
among a large number of people.  So let's think big!


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Yes it was me, Amadeo.

Thank you Mercedes for putting the links and lists together.  I had planned 
to see how large the response was before asking for postage help but knowing 
Northkeep I should have just assumed I would need the help to send all that 
we pull together for him and his unit.

Josh did request some SCA related reading material.

I will be accepting donations at fighter practices, meetings, and events or 
my home or work.

I will post a longer note later when not on my cell phone.

In service,

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