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But the Region is not just Oklahoma, hasn't been since Brad Leah was organized and even less so since Adlersruhe and Bonwicke were merged in.

Back when it WAS only Oklahoma and it seemed two out of every three personae were Norse, I used to suggest Skraelingsheim. I was told (by people more versed in Norse history and culture than I) that the term was derogatory.

Turns out that's not certain. Many scholars see it as purely descriptive in tone where it appears in the Sagas, but what it's describing they aren't sure of. It could be anything from the relative size of the natives (small) to the fact that they wore skins to an attempt to adapt a name one of the tribes used for themselves.

"small men" descriptive
"scared or scruffy one" derogatory
various possibilities, including wearing skins, non-derogatory

But, today I'd prefer something that describes all of us. There are a great number of appropriate offerings already on the table. But Horsemen or Horselands in a native tongue, be it a people from here or one relocated here from farther east or north, would be a wonderful thing.

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Another thing to consider in searching for a name that refers to our
ection of Ansteorra, (Oklahoma) is the meaning of our State's name:
t is Choctaw for "red people".  
I too, like "Quivara".

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