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Thu Sep 30 09:13:03 PDT 2010

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> But, today I'd prefer something that describes all of us. There are a great number of appropriate offerings already on the table. But Horsemen or Horselands in a native tongue, be it a people
> from here or one relocated here from farther east or north, would be a wonderful thing.

Since the folks in this region spoke a number of languages, this should not be impossible - although finding one that is easily pronounceable may be tricky.

For example, unless my dictionaries are wrong, in modern Caddo (a language that is likely as similar to the one spoken at Spiro in the 1400s as modern English is to Middle English), "Horseman" is Dìitamah Shúuwi' (pronounced I believe Dee-tah-mah  Shoo-we[glottal stop]).  I'm not sure what land is right now.  (Yes, I know horses weren't here in the 1400s, which is one reason for using modern Caddo)


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