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Thu Feb 3 20:31:07 PST 2011

Way back in the 50's Tulsa got very little snow.  I was always when I heard Uncle
Walter was coming to visit from Minnesota.  He lived up near the northern border,
work for an agricultural company and took his vacations in Jan and Feb. He and
his family came south for the warmer weather.  Happily for me but not so much for
their snow seemed to come with them most of the time.


PS: Please remember that as the snow gets packed down and refreezes every night
that the going can become more treacherous.  Be careful!

On Thu Feb  3 22:44 , Chuck Kaun <jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com> sent:

>I dont know about you folks but I am having happy flashbacks to my youth in
Minnesota, laughing gleefully (as described by Toinette) when I spin out on the
snow and ice.  

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