[Northkeep] Practice Cancelled

Bill Yanak invincobil at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 9 08:26:32 PST 2011

I agree with all the input and thoughts of those who have responded so far,and 
imagine this will be the thoughts of the populace as well.So at this time there 
will be NO PRACTICE tonight for the safety and well being of ALL.I do think that 
the Sat. cleaning idea is great and should be done if at all possible.Weather is 
"supposed"to be well above freezing and most of the mess should be gone by 
then.I am off and able to be there.When a reasonable time has been agreed upon I 
will post it and I will be there to unlock and get started at that time.Thank 
you all for your help and ideas on how to handle this matter in a timely manner.

In Service,
Ld William Herman 
KM Barony of Northkeep

The fish are biting. 
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