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I want to thank everyone for the info about Castlelon. 
Given the nature of the speed tourney  and the number of fields a Ladies Pavilion is not really feasible. The tourney goes so fast that it is hard to watch. The part that I watched last year was very confusing because nobody was falling down.
That is the single reason I don't like watching rapier. I can't tell who won.
I know the presence of "Ladies" is one of the elements that make a medieval tournament. We are supposed to bring more out of the combatants, but the speed tourney forces the fighter to just fight.The fighters don't have time to be"courtly".
I have noticed over the years that the "Ladies' Pavilion" was very useful in allowing squires a chance to show their "Courtly Arts". In today's SCA their are few situations where the Squire to show he is Courtly to Ladies and He/She is able to entertain and is knowledgeable of the finer points of being a gentle   man or women. 
I have often noticed Knights and Masters standing around and watching when fighters come to greet the Ladies and helping out when someone gets tongue tied. I have often noted someone who is on the edge and they make a good impression on the Ladies often go over the hump and become a knight soon after that. It is not because the Ladies were impressed but because they  managed to impress the Chivalry. 
Since we only have two  events where it is easy for our people to show of it is very important that we provide places where individuals can show their skills.
I am not concerned. I am trying to come up with an idea that allow some of the people to show the king, queen and people of interest what their skills are. 
I don't have a lot of  energy so it will be only a small thing. 
Any ideas? I know some of you are doing the same thing and I am coming in late in the game. Like any new comer I want to want to find a useful place. 
I have some wonderful day dreams but I don't have the health to do them. poo!
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