[Northkeep] things I might do for Castleon

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Tue Feb 15 09:37:26 PST 2011

I like the idea of a bardic pavilion. I was wondering if we could put up the people who are day tripping and the people who come in the AM and have to get set up in the A&S or fighting who would like compete in the Performing a chance to take part if the first round that would be Pass to the next round or not.
The B&B would not  have to sit through every performances only the final round or rounds. It would be their choice.  We could judge to a standard and this would allow people more options in trying to truly win Castlton. We can still have the Friday night elimination round but  we would just be adding a continuation on Sat.
Who is the Northkeep  Bard at this moment?
Do you think this would be acceptable?  
You might know this but I was the First Castleton Bard and I wasn't able to come back the next year. Mistress Catrin said that the format was a way of   getting back some work out of your champions. You never got that work from me and i have felt  guilty. Now you would get it.
I even have the plaid that was given me. i have wore it over the year many times. The blue and white fabrics were worn out many years ago. 
Since the tourney requires and entry into the A&S do we allow dance ( both Courtly folk and Middle Eastern and played music) into the performing part of the contest. 
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