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Your Grace,

The reason we have the elimination round on Friday night is because the
Finalists are given a theme at Morning court and have just that hour and
half to two hours to write an original piece to be delivered to Their
Excellencies during the noble's luncheon.  This format replaces the "Bead
swap" competitions where each person who wanted to compete in the bardic was
given a number of beads and then had to find the other competitors, and
challenge each of them before a found judge. Each challenge was for a bead
and required the competitors to find not only other competitors but someone
(hopefully non-partial) to judge the performances.

The current Bard is Lady Adelaide Dewy.

As for your last question about the A&S allowing performance...absolutely.
We had a Courtly Dance in last years A&S.  I can say from experience that if
you are planning to do a performance piece in the A&S that it is polite to
inform the A&S Minister ahead of time so that she can make arrangements to
have the proper judges available and present.  :)

Hope that helps clear the mud some.

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 11:37 AM, willowdewisp at juno.com <
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> I like the idea of a bardic pavilion. I was wondering if we could put up
> the people who are day tripping and the people who come in the AM and have
> to get set up in the A&S or fighting who would like compete in the
> Performing a chance to take part if the first round that would be Pass to
> the next round or not.
> The B&B would not  have to sit through every performances only the final
> round or rounds. It would be their choice.  We could judge to a standard and
> this would allow people more options in trying to truly win Castlton. We can
> still have the Friday night elimination round but  we would just be adding a
> continuation on Sat.
> Who is the Northkeep  Bard at this moment?
> Do you think this would be acceptable?
> You might know this but I was the First Castleton Bard and I wasn't able to
> come back the next year. Mistress Catrin said that the format was a way of
> getting back some work out of your champions. You never got that work from
> me and i have felt  guilty. Now you would get it.
> I even have the plaid that was given me. i have wore it over the year many
> times. The blue and white fabrics were worn out many years ago.
> Since the tourney requires and entry into the A&S do we allow dance ( both
> Courtly folk and Middle Eastern and played music) into the performing part
> of the contest.
> Willow
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